The combination of color and finishes,  materials and textures are often what makes one attracted to a space. We love creating timeless designs. We like to think beyond what we like today. We can help you create a space you will love today, tomorrow, and next year.

Mixing patterns within a single color palette is a sophisticated and rewarding way to create unique and varied visual interest that still feels pulled together.


-Vern Yip

Powder Rooms are a great place to add pattern. Like color, pattern is a great way to express your individual style. And why not do it in a place your guests will spend a fair amount of time in.


I view the dining room as an opportunity to immerse a space in one rich, deep color. Since a dining room is mostly used at night, one hopes, in candlelight, why not have it project a bit of romance and mystery. 

-Barbara Westbrook, Interior Designer

We love designing dining rooms with the focus of entertaining in mind.

Starting from the ground up is always a great idea when planning your living room design. Whether you have carpet, hardwoods, or rugs, the color and texture of your floor will give you a great starting point when marrying your sofa and artwork. 

The choice to incorporate color into a design can shift the tone of the room. We understand that each client different and we want to reflect the style of our client more than anything. While we love the warmer vintage whites and grays. The neutrals put us at ease while the bold colors make us cheerful.