Hey Guys,

I'm Sherrie the founder of Sherrie Nacole "House of Interiors" and I'm introducing my blog............. "447 NORTH". Some of you may remember my blogging days from way back when, but I've decided to revamp some things. Since so much has changed over the last 5 years I wanted to give the blog a fresh look and a fresh start. I've grown and learned so much since starting my business and I'm back to share it all with you guys. Since House of Interiors launched in 2013, I've completed a degree in Architectural Engineering, interned with an amazing Interior Design Firm, and helped countless clients design kitchens and bathrooms while working for a Kitchen and Bath Gallery. Since freelancing my own work I have been able to complete several renovations and I'm here to share all the details with you.

447 NORTH has a very special meaning to me and I've actually had the name on my heart for quite some time now. 447 NORTH is the address of my grandparents who are both deceased. I learned so much at this address, from how to hand wash clothing to how to pick vegetables from a garden. And that's exactly what I want to accomplish here on the blog. I want to teach and inspire, to bring families and communities closer together, in a way that supports home. 447 NORTH will be an interior design, architecture, and lifestyle blog sharing with our followers the latest and greatest design trends. We want to help our followers create a home life and lifestyle they will love for years to come. Here, I want to make the connection between fashion design and interior design. So expect to see how fashion has influenced the interior design world for many years. I also want to help our followers enhance the life they already have. Whether that means a home makeover or a life makeover. We truly believe you can have it all. Be on the look our for our blog each week as you can expect to see guest bloggers too. Feel free to share your input and experiences with us.



Photo: Ariel Moore Photography, AC Hotel, Spartanburg, SC

Photo: My internship with Post Card From Paris, Greenville, SC

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