As the holidays are approaching, I’m doing my best to prepare the house for guests. I’m working hard to put everything in its place. I usually house my sister and her family. I love being able to give them a home away from home. I also work her to give them similar amenities they would receive at a hotel. That usually takes some preparation on my part for the guestroom.

Of course, I'm doing a deep clean of the whole house, putting an emphasis on the Guestroom and Hall Bath. I try to focus on the small details to make the guest room comfortable. I pull out fresh towels and sheets. And I’m very particular about how I fold my towels. The idea seems small, but its really the details that make your guest feel at home. I usually fold them the way I learned when I worked in retail home fashions.

Photography by House of Interiors, LLC

Many years ago I worked for the company, Sears, and I spent some time in the Home Fashions Department. They made us fold the towels in a way that would make it easy for the customer to find the price tag. Interesting right!!! Well anyway, its become my method since then.

Photography by House of Interiors, LLC

I also like to put out fresh flowers and leave something for my guests to read, like a few magazines and a bible in the guest room. Of course I try to stock the fridge as well as prepare for technology by providing them with the WIFI password. Around Thanksgiving I usually have our events and plans put together as to when we will spend time together, whether or not we’ll hit the Black Friday Sales, and possibly planned out game night.

Photography by House of Interiors, LLC

Some of the things that will impress your guests, include having their sleeping arrangements figured out. You want to make sure you've already put out fresh sheets, made their beds, provided fresh towels and wash cloths. Creating a small care package, with soaps and toothbrushes, is always a great idea since most people forget something while traveling. These are all things you can expect from a hotel and this is why you'll keep your guest coming back for more.

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