I don't think anyone could have predicted the pandemic of 2020 and I'm sure many of you have had to adjust your daily routines, as have I. Although its been a rough adjustment, I welcome the change. I've enjoyed spending more time with my family. With the extra time, I've also been able to create a newsletter. Hooray! I've met so many amazing clients and friends in doing business, I thought the newsletter would be a great way to stay connected as well as share some tips for home. This month I want to talk about organization.

PURGE Now is the perfect time to organize those closets, kitchen cabinets, and drawers. And you can't organize without purging first. It's easy to hold on to things, in fear that you will need it someday. One golden rule to apply, is to have nothing your home that you do not find to be useful or beautiful. ORGANIZE Sounds easy right? Well there has to be a method to your madness. Whether its more storage containers or more hangers, you need to develop a plan for how you will organize. You can start by doing something easy like organizing your kitchen drawers. Here's one storage solution I love.

This Multi-Use Insert Drawer Organizer, is retractable and works for closet and kitchen organization. It can be installed permanently or kept as a removable piece. SIMPLIFY Through purging and organization comes simplification. Whether its doing your make up or helping the kids with homework, things should be easy to find and clean. THE BENEFITS

Organizing your home can reap major benefits. It can reduce stress, increase your engery level, as well as allow you to achieve more in less time.

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